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Gi-Clean is a luxury and exotic auto detailing company in Orlando, Florida. We are a family-owned business and have been servicing in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas for more than 14 years. We provide service for businessmen, athletes, CEOs, and everyone else in between.

GI-Clean is an authorized representative of Perma Plate. We have run the claims division for all of Central Florida since 2005. GI-Clean also does claims work for reindeer auto.

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What Sets Us Apart From The Mobile Detailing Competition in Orlando, FL?

GI-Clean Auto Detailing provides mobile and in-store auto detailing, cleaning, waxing and other services. We are a professional auto detailing company and we complete all of our projects from beginning to the end with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. In addition, we have stepped up our PPE and disinfecting protocols to decrease the further spread of Covid -19. 

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