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Other Mobile Detailing, Waxing & Cleaning Services

Breakthrough Anti-Stick Aerospace Polymer Technology

Tech Shine is a highly specialized moisture activated cross-linking polymeric clear coat film. Our breakthrough formula rapidly reacts with wet surfaces to cross-link and bond to your vehicles finish. Aircraft-Grade Tech Shine is safe and easy to use on all exterior non-porous surfaces. The high gloss clear film will never build up or cause any unsightly residue on plastics or moldings. Tech Shine gives your paint a deeper, darker, more durable finish in less time than conventional waxes and sealants.

Aircraft and Marine Quality

Tech Shine originated from the need to quickly shine and shield jets, helicopters, and high speed power boats with a slick anti-stick coating. The primary function of the product was to reduce wind drag on jets and decrease water tension on the hull of off-shore power boats. Paint oxidizes, metal rusts, and plastics fade, making exterior surfaces vulnerable to the elements, thus requiring frequent washing and waxing.

New Aerolon Tech Shine changes that dynamic! By expounding on aerospace technology used to keep aircraft more aerodynamic by keeping them cleaner longer, Tech Shine’s unique new moisture-activated, cross-linking formula impedes physical and chemical breakdowns from taking place, and utilizes green chemical coating technology to absorb and neutralize the harsh effects of sun, salt, and environmental pollution on the surface of your automobile, boat, or aircraft. The outcome is a less frequent need to wash resulting in a faster, easier, longer-lasting, and more durable shine and surface protection.

  • SUV – 225 **
  • Wax – $125
  • Interior Detailing – $105
  • Ceramic Coating – Call for quote
  • Headlight Restoration: $40.00
  • Odor Removal/Body Fluids: $125.00
  • Paint and Overspray Removal: $275.00
  • Scratch Removal: Call for quote
  • Pressure Washing: Call for quote
  • Golf Cart Detailing: $50.00
  • Fleet Management: Call for quote

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Ceramic Pro: World’s leading protective coatings systems.

Ceramic Pro for Interior:
Excellent Durability
Easy to Clean
Super Hydrophobic Effect
UV Resistance
Superior Wear Resistance
Moderate Sheen

This service is for the demanding and discriminating client who has hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars worth of cars. We travel to you and ensure that your every need and desire as it pertains to your cars are taken into consideration and accomplished. GI-Clean is prepared to travel anywhere in the continental United States give us a call today or email us and set up your appointment for your collection management service.

Washes: $20 Cars, Suv’s $30, Detail $150

Interior Tuesday: $65 Interior Detail

Wax Wednesday: $50 waxing

Detail Thursday: $125 Detailing

Gi-Wash Club: Unlimited Exterior Washes $39.99. Unlimited Exterior & Interior Washes $59.99


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